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SIMCom Earned TS16949 Certificates

SIMCom Wireless Solutions successfully achieved ‘ISO/TS16949:2009’ automotive industry certification which issued by SGS Organization. SIMCom joined a small group of suppliers whose production ability and production quality, especially 3G/4G modules, meet demands of “Automotive OEM” and standup to the challenge of customer much more.

ISO/TS16949 is unique quality management system which is developed and formulated by members of IATF (International Automotive Task Force). Members of IATF are mainly famous automotive producers, which is called “Passport” of international automotive industry parts supplier. ISO/TS16949 certificate ensure that all suppliers in the automotive related product design and development, production, installation and service in line with the specific specifications, also it encourage suppliers to establish a standardized process, and constantly optimize the efficiency, in the product quality, production efficiency, market competitiveness and continuous improvement work to achieve the highest level.

After project of TS16949 has started up in 2015, leaders of SIMCom wireless Solutions and Shenyang SIMCOM Technology Ltd have imported system specification requirements. TS16949 system began trial operation, has held the kick-off meeting, seminars, a series of basic knowledge and audit skill training. Under the guidance of experts invited within the company carried out a full range of examination. November 2015, SIMCom passed first phase of examination. February 2016, SIMCom passed second phase of examination. Under the heavy work pressure, the company leaders, TS16949 implementation team and all staff overcome difficulties, make unremitting efforts to fully prepare and rigorous attitude to meet experts from the SGS certification company. 26th April 2016, SGS Organization has issued TS16949 certificate to SIMCom.

Earning ISO/TS16949 Certificates is not only milestone of SIMCom quality management system but also strengthen our automotive supply chain. As global modules and solutions suppliers in automotive industry, we make every effort to supply high quality products and services to automotive customers. We will uphold the continuous improvement of TS16949, upgrade management and quality management to a new level, in order to make development of enterprises to inject new power.

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