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EBW Nurnberg 2022
SIMCOM will participate in EBW Nurnberg 2022,showcasing comprehensive 5G,4G,LTE-A,Cat.1,LPWA module and solutions. Register for free tickets!
SIMCom News
5G Digital Transformation Accelerated by Ubiquitous Connectivity
Wireless connectivity is at the center of 5G digital transformation in the evolution of businesses and society as a whole. SIMCom keeps leading 5G modules development to support customer’s digital transformation.
Boost highly efficient IoT connectivity with SIMCom’s LTE-A module
The demands for mobile broadband are growing rapidly. SIMCom has launched a new generation of LTE-A modules to fully release the efficiency of LTE-A network.
SIMCom Modules Energize EV Charging Stations
The increasing EV sales subsequently leads to the growth of EV infrastructure. SIMCom LTE Cat. 1 and Cat.M modules offer reliable and stable connectivity for the deployment of EV charging facilities.
SIMCom Products
SIM7912X LGA form factor
SIM7912X is the LTE Cat.12 module which supports maximum 600Mbps downlink rate and 150Mbps uplink rate.
SIM7906X-M2 M.2 form factor
SIM7906-M2 series is the LTE Cat 6 module which supports maximum 300Mbps downlink rate and 50Mbps uplink rate.
SIM7600G LCC + LGA form factor
SIM7600G is the LTE Cat 1 module designed for global market with numerous certifications and powerful compatibility.
Industry News
Berg Insight says 8.6 million Europeans used connected care solutions in 2021
As lockdowns and quarantines were imposed all around the world, healthcare providers were motivated to adopt remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions.
How IoT cellular connectivity has enabled the rise of micromobility dream
IoT cellular connectivity platforms enable this expansion era for the micromobility industry, leading providers to quickly bounce back from COVID-19 shutdowns by offering reliability, transparency, and flexibility.
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