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SIMCom safeguards commercial vehicles with SIM7600X-H series
Based on the LTE CAT.4 SIM7600X-H series module, the vehicle-mounted SmartPre-crash Safety System connects the vehicle, cloud anddriver through wireless network to realize the three-dimensionalsmart security guard of all time, all areas and all-round.
IoT technology for a greener world , SIMCom's carbon neutrality efforts
The ambitious commitment of carbon neutrality has been recognized by most countries,organizations, companies all over the world. SIMCom is also the one among them making its relentless efforts to reduce carbon emissions through all accessible methods.
Smart Service Robots with SIMCom 5G Modules Enlisted in Pandemic Prevention and Control
The performance of SIMCom 5G module has reached the leading level in the industry, enablingsmart service robots to make better use of the advantages of 5G network and realizeremote control via the cloud, so as to be appliedin more scenarios.
SIMCom Products
SIM8970X Qualcomm ARM V-8
The SIM8970 series is the LTE Cat 6 smart module with Android system,, with frequency up to 2.0GHz and AdrenoTM 610 GPU.
SIM8960X Qualcomm ARM Cortex-A53
The SIM8960 series is the LTE Cat 4 smart module with Android system, iwith frequency up to 1.8GHz and AdrenoTM 506 GPU.
SIM8905X Qualcomm ARM Cortex-A7
SIM8905 series is the LTE Cat 4 smart module with Android system, with frequency up to 1.1GHz and AdrenoTM 304 GPU.
SIM8950X Qualcomm ARM Cortex-A53
The SIM8950 series is the LTE Cat 4 smart module with Android system, with frequency up to 1.8GHz and AdrenoTM 506 GPU.
Industry News
Bouygues to shut down LoRaWAN in France – the start of the end for unlicensed IoT?
Bouygues Telecom has announced it will shut down its LoRaWAN network in France from 2024, and start to sell new IoT business and migrate existing IoT accounts to its cellular-based NB-IoT and LTE-M networks.
5G City: the population explosion and managing urban growth
The speed of change and the volume of people will cause challenges for city planners and politicians. Traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and complex issues around public security are just the start. Fortunately, the latest generation of advanced information technologies can add digital intelligence to urban governance, and, in the process, help build truly smart cities.
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