SIMCom Event
MWC Barcelona 2022
SIMCOM will participate in 2022 MWC Barcelona, showcasing comprehensive 5G, 4G, Cat.1, LPWA module and solutions.
SIMCom News
SIM7600G is Certified by Verizon
SIM7600G is the LTE Cat1 module which supports LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/WCDMA/GSM. It supports maximum 10Mbps downlink rate and 5Mbps uplink rate.
SIM7600NA is Certified by Verizon
SIM7600NA has strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART,USB2.0, GPIO etc. The module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's
SIMCom 5G Module Helps to Improve the Level of Automation in Logistics
The rapid growth of e-commerce and the fragmentation of massive orders make timely and accurate processing difficult for traditional warehouse management and operation
SIMCom Products
SIM7912X LGA Format
SIM7912X is the LTE Cat 12 module which supports wireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/LTE- FDD/HSPA+. It supports maximum 600Mbps downlink rate and 150Mbps uplink rate.
A7906E-M2 Standard M.2 interface
The A7906E-M2 is Multi-Band LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+ module solution in a M.2 type which supports LTE CAT6 up to 300Mbps data transfer.
SIM7906E-PCIE Mini PCie interface with strong combability
SIM7906E-PCIE is LTE Cat 6 module which supports wireless communication modes of LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/HSPA+. It supports maximum 300Mbps downlink rate and 50Mbps uplink rate.
SIM7912G-M2 High Throughput Data Communication
The SIM7912G-M2 is Multi-Band LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD/HSPA+ module solution in a M.2 type which supports LTE CAT12 up to600Mbps data transfer.
Industry News
The future of connected vehicle data and its impact
across industries
It’s predicted that by 2030, 95% of vehicles will be connected to the internet. Most directly, this means an increase in capabilities for vehicles.
IoMT devices in smart hospitals to exceed 7M by 2026
A study by Juniper Research suggests the number of IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) in smart hospitals will exceed seven million by 2026.
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Products with documentation updats in Dec.2021 for SIMCom EN site
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