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SIMCom SIM7100JC Has Been Listed as Designated Module by Japan Second Largest Operator KDDI

SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co.,Ltd. (“SIMCom”), the leading global provider of wireless modules and solutions, its SIM7100JC module has been introduced as a designated module by KDDI, the Japanese second operator. This also marks that SIMCom has achieved excellent result in the era of 4G of Japanese market.


For the Japanese market, SIM7100JC is a LTE CAT3 module; it supports 100Mbps (DL) /50Mbps (UL) LTE data services. In order to improve the adaptability of the network environment, it also supports 3G and 2G network. SIM7100JC provides a rich application interface including USB、UART、SIM card、I2C and GPIO and supports multiple protocols like TCP/IP/ FTP/HTTP.

SIM7100JC supports A-GPS and GPS, within the KDDI network, even in room or subway where the GPS signal is weak,it can use KDDI LTE network assistant position system to get a high precision position track data. That is benefit to deploying IOT applications which based on position information.

SIMCom is committed to expanding the Japanese market all the time. In service to high-quality customers, we also make close cooperation to several top operators in Japan. Up to now, SIM7100 has earned three TOP operators-Docomo, Softbank and KDDI certification in Japanese. We launched several 3G, 4G module for Japanese market. With the update of technology and meet demand of Japanese market for IOT, SIMCom will continue to launch innovative wireless module which support LTE CAT1, NB-IoT.

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