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SIMCom: Defining the 5G S-Module and Facilitating the Implementation of 5G for Commercial Use

Since the concept was formed, 5G has been targeting superior definition video communication, VR/AR, driverless technology, and other highly-sophisticated applications, and is even expected by various countries to become not only a kind of new communication technology, but also the new power for industry upgrading as well as the latest growth driver for economic development. With enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-low time delay, several connection options and ultra-high reliability, 5G technology has always been defined through its use of various “superior adjectives”. However, if we want to achieve such ‘superior performance’, ensure the protocol is kept up to speed, also adapt to complex conditions including possible multi-carrier and multi-terminal protocols, we need to lead the industry. However, time waits for no one. So the speed of maturing the entire vertical industry must keep pace with the speed of increasing demand.


Therefore, at the GTI Global Industry Summit held in Shanghai on June 27, SIMCom and the GTI industry partners added a “superior” to 5G. But, this “superior” was not the “superior” to reflect performance itself, but the “superior” which can make the various superior performances of 5G happen--5G Superior Universal Module(5G S-Module).


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According to the “GTI 5G-S-Module Plans”, various parties will strive to promote the 5G Universal Module products at the beginning of 2019, will promote 5G industrial terminals in the next half year, and will issue the Research Report on 5G Vertical Industrial Terminal Demands and the 5G Universal Module Technology white paper.


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At the conference, Doctor Lu Dingwei from SIMCom shared a deep understanding on universal module of SIMCom universal module as the leading enterprise of the module industry and pointed out that the 5G universal module can adapt to various kinds of application scenarios, simplify the terminal product design, bring significant meaning to the existing nondeterminacy at a technological level and the variety of terminal demands, and play an important role in promoting the implementation of 5G for commercial use.


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For more than a decade, SIMCom has always worked hard in the communication module industry, with innovation ability and the service market as its main drivers. SIMCom actively devoted itself to the 5G universal module plans at the GTI industrial conference, whilst at the same time exhibiting the first type of cloud module in the world at the Shanghai session of the 2018 Mobile World Congress. Luo Xiaoyan, vice-general manager of SIMCom participated in the opening ceremony of 5G S-Module in person and showed the determination of SIMCom through its relentless contributions to innovation and service for the development of communication business, industrial cooperation, and mutual benefits.


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