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SIMCom’s New Home!——“SIMCom’s” starting point, “SIMCom’s” journey

Congratulations on SIMCom Wireless Solutions’ new home! On July 1st, 2018, on this special day, SIMCom moved to a new home, bringing great enthusiasm and happiness to all its employees.



With its new, open and technically-equipped office complex, the company will not only improve the office environment, but will also greatly enhance the work and communication efficiency of its employees.

The new office is also equipped with the SIMCom product history wall to show the classic products which have led the development of the module industry since the founding of SIMCom in 2002, such as SIM100, SIM300, SIM800, SIM5300, SIM7000 and SIM7600, covering GNSS, 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, intelligent modules, automotive-grade modules and other whole series products.


Every classic product is the result of painstaking effort from all staff, including countless overtime work put in by the company's R&D staff, FAE's global footprint and marketing, and hard work from logistics support personnel.


Each trophy and honor also represents customers’ long-standing trust and recognition for SIMCom. On this occasion, SIMCom expresses its deep gratitude and blessings to all partners. Grateful to be with you, side by side all the way with SIMCom!


Former address: Floor 6, Building A, SIM Technology Building, No.633 Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai .

New address: Floor 6-7, Building B, SIM Technology Building, No.633 Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai .

New telephone number: 021-31575100, 31575200


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