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SIMCom’s SIM7000E -- the world’s first multi-mode module certified by Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

On May 9, SIMCom’s SIM7000E successfully passed the IMDA certification. It is the world’s first certified multi-mode module/Qualcomm platform module. This is of profound historical significance for SIMCom as it will enable them to enter the next generation module market in Southeast Asia region.


SIM7000E, the multi-mode module targeting Europe, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions, is LCC packaged with a size of 24.0*24.0*2.6mm and a weight of 3.0g. It supports LTE-FDD B3/B8/B20/B28 and GPRS/EDGE 900/1800MHz frequency bands. The LTE CAT-M1(eMTC) uplink and downlink transmission rates are 375kbps and 300kbps respectively, while NB-IoT’s uplink and downlink transmission rates are 66kbps and 34kbps respectively.


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SIM7000E is packaged so as to be compatible with SIM800F and SIM900, and AT commands are mostly compatible with SIM800F. It makes it possible to upgrade client terminal products from 2G to NB-IoT/CAT-M so as to minimize client investment, shorten the R&D cycle for client products and speed up the time to market.


SIM7000E, with its high-performance, safety and flexibility is specially designed for M2M applications in need of low delay and medium data throughout, such as meters, vehicle-mounted scenarios, asset tracking, remote monitoring, medical health, mobile POS terminals, and the sharing economy. 

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The certification mentioned above demonstrates SIMCom’s powerful determination to enter the market in Southeast Asia. Clients who have used its existing 2G module can quickly switch to SIM7000E. SIMCom’s outlets cover over 180 countries around the world to help clients with product testing in an efficient way and launch NB-IoT/CAT- M1 products onto the market quickly. In the future, SIMCom will, as it always does, deliver top-quality products and services to users through more engagement in vertical IoT markets to provide clients with products for fast development of IoT applications. 

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