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SIMCom Present at MILAN IOTHINGS 2018

Located at the heart of the Po River Plain, Milan is a transportation hub with three international airports and dozens of train stations, and is a central point where people come to meet and exchange. The western auto industry and the oriental silk industry converge and develop here. During MILAN IOTHINGS 2018, SIMCom booth has become very popular with new 4G/NB-IoT products’ demonstration.

Europe and China are the areas where the NB-IoT network first began to develop.

Since 2017, operators including Vodafone, DT, and Telefonica have begun to test and even formally use NB networks. Among them, Vodafone has established its pilot NB network in Milan, where this exhibition is held.

Compared with traditional 2G/3G/4G networks, NB-IoT networks, which are applied to scenarios with multiple nodes, multiple connections, small volumes of information and in-depth coverage, feature narrower bandwidth, lower power consumption and more connections. For example, when the industrial 4.0 strategy was put forward by Germany in 2011, a typical assumed application was the smart water meter. Now this as sumption has become a reality by leveraging the NB-IoT network. In Gansu, a province in northwest China, its smart water meter system which uses the SIMcom 7000 series module performs more than 200,000 automatic meter readings per month, with a 100 % success rate. In addition to smart meter reading, indoor fire fighting, operation and maintenance of urban public service facilities, smart agriculture and animal husbandry have also witnessed completion of the their experiments to jointly support a market with over 600 million connections worth over 60 billion USD (About 60 % of the connection share and 30 % of value share of the Internet of Things market).

In another hand, businesses featuring large flow, high data rate and short time delays also flourish. Let’s take smart vehicles as an example: it is possible to monitor the situation of roads and drivers through video equipment and transfer it to the application platform in real time. This in turn provides real-time monitoring and warnings for dangerous roads, driving while tired, and other situations. It can also provide driving assistance, and even enable unmanned driving through the analysis of images. With O2O new retail - Consumers can enjoy a "Fitting Mirror", whereby they only need to select clothes in front of a screen, and can then preview how the clothes will look on them. The SIM7600E/SIM7600E-H high-speed LTE module serves as a magic key to these kinds of applications.

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