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SIMCom & QUALCOMM @ MWC 2018: V2X promotes the development of the Internet of Vehicles

According to research by Accenture, in addition to vehicle performance, users are paying more and more attention to vehicle technology when considering purchasing vehicles. With the rapid development of mobile networks, the Internet of Vehicles based on mobile networks is being constantly enriched. With the development of market demand, the assembly rate of vehicle smart terminals is increasing year by year. In the future, the Internet of Vehicles will be a standard configuration of vehicles, and vehicles will become another Internet-accessible item after the mobile phone. According to IHS predictions, there will be 350 million networked vehicles in the global market in 2022, with a market ratio of 24%. The number of new vehicles on sale with networking functions will reach 98 million, and the market ratio will be 94%. The Internet of Vehicles has become a global consensus.


The White Paper of Internet of Vehicles (2017) released by the China Information and Communication Research Institute shows that the innovation of the Internet of vehicles industry is becoming more and more active, and it is in a strategic and opportunistic position before the major breakthrough. According to the white paper, the market competition and commercialization of V2X wireless communication products have entered a key period, and these products have become the new rising stars of the automobile Internet market. QUALCOMM C-V2X is currently conducting tests around the world, supported by automobile factories and first-level suppliers. To meet the production needs of the carmakers, the 9150 C-V2X chipset solution is planned for a commercial listing in the second half of 2018. Subsequently, some suppliers are expected to launch solutions based on the 9150 C-V2X chipset. First-level suppliers, cellular module manufacturers, software solution providers and system integrators have expressed that they support the arrangement of C-V2X technology in MP vehicles and RSU from 2019 that are to be launched very soon. At present, QUALCOMM is working with carmakers and auto industry chain members to carry out C-V2X's external verification in Germany, France, South Korea, China, Japan and the United States. At the same time, HUAWEI has been cooperating with a few first-level suppliers for V2X testing and verification.


As the leader of the M2M industry, SIMCom is devoting itself to the Internet of Vehicles. SIMCom is working with first-level suppliers to build the in-vehicle smart terminal needed by automobile factories to meet the needs of owners for different services. At the same time, in order to achieve a highly coordinated "people-vehicle-road-cloud", it has created roadmap products for the new generation of the vehicle C-V2X wireless communication module built alongside QUALCOMM. It plans to join the Shanghai International Automobile Urban Vehicle Networking Demonstration Zone Industrial Alliance to jointly accelerate testing and commercial progress. The 5GAA Vehicle alliance has recently published a white paper on the schedule for deploying LTE-V2X business on the official website. It is predicted that the automobile factories will start mass production testing of the C-V2X V2V commercial chipset and communication module in 2019, so that it can enter the commercial deployment track in 2020. This coincides with the time for SIMCom’s roadmap for products and commercial production.

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Schedule of 5GAA LTE-V2X deployment


Strategic vision mentioned in the smart car innovation development strategy (draft for comment): in 2020, the ratio of smart cars will reach 50%, and medium and high level smart cars will be widely used in the market, and the demonstration operation will be successful in key regions. Active progress will be made in the construction of smart road traffic systems. The coverage rate of the wireless communication network (LTE-V2X) for large cities and highways will reach 90%, and the Beidou high precision space service will be fully covered. By 2025, innovation, industrial ecology, road network facilities, regulations and standards, product supervision and information security system of standard smart car technology in China will be fully formed. New cars will be basically ‘made smart’, and the high level smart car will be applied in scale. "People- vehicle - road - cloud" will be highly coordinated, and the new generation of wireless communication networks (5G-V2X) will meet the needs of the development of smart cars. By 2035, China's standard smart cars will be known around the world, China will be the number one automobile power in the world, and the "safe, efficient, green and civilized" smart automobile society will be shared by people all around China. As a native Chinese enterprise, SIMCom will take on a historical mission to embrace the development trend of the Internet of vehicles, promote the development of LTE-V2X and C-V2X modules with first-class international manufacturers, and research 5G automatic driving technologies to promote the innovation and development of the Internet of vehicles.


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