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SIMCom’s SIM7020C Certified by Guangzhou Research Institute of China Telecom Co., Ltd.

SIMCom’s SIM7020C module recently passed the test performed by the Guangzhou Research Institute of China Telecom Co., Ltd, thus laying a sound foundation for being listed as a Telecom supplier.


SIMCom Partners with Ayla Sunsea at AWE2018

At the beginning of March 2018, the annual Appliance & electronics World Expo 2018 (AWE 2018) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The Expo, with its “Smart Life, Global Platform” theme, aims to outline a vision of Smart Life for global consumers. SIMCom was present at the Expo together with the world-famous IoT platform Ayla Sunsea, aiming to create an all-round IoT Eco-Service chain from end to cloud for global consumers in their future Smart Life.


SIMCom MWC News Flash: News Flash at the Pavilion

The 2018 Mobile World Congress hosted by GSMA was held from February 26 to March 1 in Barcelona. As the forerunner in the wireless communication module industry, SIMCom brought all its latest products with them to the conference. Now, let’s check out the event with our editor.


SIMCom & QUALCOMM @ MWC 2018: V2X promotes the development of the Internet of Vehicles

According to research by Accenture, in addition to vehicle performance, users are paying more and more attention to vehicle technology when considering purchasing vehicles. With the rapid development of mobile networks, the Internet of Vehicles based on mobile networks is being constantly enriched. With the development of market demand, the assembly rate of vehicle smart terminals is increasing year by year. In the future, the Internet of Vehicles will be a standard configuration of vehicles, and vehicles will become another Internet-accessible item after the mobile phone. According to IHS predictions, there will be 350 million networked vehicles in the global market in 2022, with a market ratio of 24%. The number of new vehicles on sale with networking functions will reach 98 million, and the market ratio will be 94%. The Internet of Vehicles has become a global consensus.


SIMCom & MWC: Moving with the Trend of Ridesharing, Simcom Helps You Embrace the Future

Trends, principles and abilities come from the ancient Tao Te Jing Chinese philosophical classics. Trends can mean big trends in development and policies at all levels, i.e. market and government policies; principles can mean the strategy and direction of a company; abilities can mean abilities and technologies, with a view to constantly improve R & D technology, explore and accumulate practical strategies, and continue to update the required information technology and knowledge-based skills.


SIMCom & Orange @ MWC 2018: SIMCom is invited to attend the Orange communication industry exchange conference

At the MWC2018 exhibition on February 27, Mr. Li Yongsheng, deputy general manager of SIMCom, was invited by Orange (France Telecom) to attend the bilateral cooperation and exchange conference.


SIMCom & MWC: SIMCom to Aid Gizwits and Qualcomm for Joint Release of GoKit4.0G Full-Stack Development Kit to Support NB-IoT/eMTC

At MWC 2018, SIMCom took part in the Qualcomm product launch and exhibited GoKit4.0G which was co-developed with Gizwits. The platform kit is a brand new LTE IoT SDK based on global multi-mode modems from Qualcomm’s MDM9206 LTE IoT, and is pre-integrated with the full-stack IoT development kit backed by Gizwits’ IoT cloud platform. It supports NB-IoT/eMTC.


SIMCom’s Presence at Embedded World with its New Offerings

Two cities with two exhibitions to embrace the future! While the 2018MWC exhibition was being held in Barcelona, the annual Nuremberg International Embedded World was also being held at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg (Feb. 27 – March 1). As a grand meeting for exchange and trading of international top-level embedded system applications, Embedded World provides a platform to learn about developing trends for the latest embedded technologies and establish valuable business connections. SIMCom, forerunner in the field of wireless communication modules, brought its latest module products to the exhibition.